July 24, 2014

Current Courses

- Qasidah Khaqaniyyah (TAJ04): June 7 - July 26 2014

- Nukhbat al Fikr: Mustalah ul Hadith (MUH01): June 7 - July 26 2014

* Sheikh Uthman Khan is teaching both courses

Conditions for Ijaazah (May 26, 2014 by Sh Uthman)

Alhamdulillah, after an amazing weekend in Connecticut and spending time with some of the most accomplished Qurra of North America (Sheikh Hasan Saleh, Dr Hasan Abunar, Sheikh Adam Moallimhassan Hilow, Dr Waleed Edrees al Maneese, Dr Saad Hassanin), we are moving forward towards forming a Council of Qurra of North America.

The details are being written down and you will soon learn more about it. For now, the way it affects my students is that I am going to impose some conditions on those individuals who wish to receive Ijaazah from me.

There is too much play and disrespect towards Ijaazah and knowledge of the Quran. People claim to have Ijaazah, yet they have too many mistakes in basic makhaarij, and/or they disrespect knowledge.

The conditions I am implementing are as follows:

1) Becoming an Intellectual in this field: This requires demonstrating that you know the material and that you have acquired scholarly knowledge in the science of Tajweed/Qiraa-aat. I will personally judge this.

2) Showing desire: You must show your dedication towards the field of Tajweed/Qiraa-aat by constantly researching “muharriri al tajwidi wa al mawaqif” Ibn al-Jazari

3) Making an effort: Besides your regular activities, when it comes to Tajweed/Qiraa-aat, you must make an effort from all angles -- such as preparing before recitation, completing your assigned work, etc. I have seen this quality lacking and students all of a sudden become know-it-alls and start to lack effort!

4) Teaching: You must currently be teaching in ordered to be considered for Ijaazah. A complete scholar not only knows the theory but is in constant research, practicing upon the knowledge, and teaching it (al-Shatibi in al-Hirz)

5) Association with the teacher: This is very important because the etiquettes of the knowledge are learned through association with the teacher IN PERSON (not over the phone or the Internet). Consider the amount of emphasis that the scholars of Hadeeth placed on making sure ‘liqa’ (meeting in person) took place! Thus anyone seeking ijaazah must spend some time in person with me learning the knowledge. Many students use Ramadan as an opportunity to come and spend time with me.

6) Spending a long time: This means that you will not get Ijazah by reciting to me in a month. You need to spend a long time (at least 2 years).

Finally, anyone seeking Ijaazah from me will need to take the Ijazah exam in-person and thereafter upon passing, will receive Ijaazah.